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Why get a trademark?

10 Feb Why get a trademark?

Many small business owners spend a lot of time building goodwill with their clients and their community. This goodwill manifests itself in the name or logo a business owns. However, few business owners register their trademarks. But they should. This is because trademarks ensure free competition by protecting the goodwill of the business that owns the mark.

This means that trademark owners can freely advertise using their name, logo, or slogan without having to worry that their competitors will use the same mark or a confusingly similar mark. Once a business has built a brand around its trademarks, the best next step is to register that mark – either federally, with the USPTO, or within its state, typically through their Secretary of State.

Once a trademark has been registered, the trademark becomes an asset of the business just like any other asset. No other entity can use that asset without the owner’s approval. This allows trademark owners to prevent identical or confusingly similar marks from being used in the marketplace and it protects them from competitors that allege that the trademark infringes their own mark.

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