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Unlawful Detainer Trials in Palm Springs

02 Feb Unlawful Detainer Trials in Palm Springs

Unlawful detainer trials throughout the Coachella Valley occur in the Palm Springs Courthouse. Typically, all cases will go through one judge, who handles the unlawful detainer calendar through his department. On the day of an unlawful detainer trail, the judge will determine if he has time to hear the matter that day or that the matter should be put over to a later time that same day or to a different day when there will be additional time or availability. Most cases won’t necessitate moving to a different day.

It is very important to prepare for your unlawful detainer trial. Unlawful detainer deadlines come very quickly. There are 5 days for defendants to answer, 5 days to respond to discovery, and the trial will typically be very quick. If any deadlines are missed, it could prove fatal to your case.

Both plaintiffs and defendants should be willing to consider settling with the other party. As any seasoned attorney will tell you, judges can be very unpredictable. Frequently, judges will order the parties to meet and discuss settlement options on the date of the trial. However, there is no good reason to wait until the last minute to attempt to settle the case.

RLG is passionate about helping clients win their cases. For help with your unlawful detainer case, call Constance Rogers today.

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